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Latest video from Sub:Culture Inc.

Hot off the press. Hey subscribers, I just finished making this video that delves deep into the experiences of Black college students. We haven't released it yet, but you are getting a sneak peek. Every story, every scenario depicted, didn't spring from my imagination but was derived directly from our Crisis Relief Application. The narratives shed light on a painful reality many of us may not realize: the absence of a robust support system that many Black college students confront daily. Unlike their peers, they often navigate the labyrinth of higher education without a safety net beneath them, compounding the typical college challenges with the weight of racial disparities. The presence or absence of this support can dictate the course of their academic journey and future.

Sub:Culture Inc. is not just observing these challenges; we're actively working to weave that crucial web of support. By filling gaps, providing resources, and building connections, we're not merely leveling the playing field, but redefining it. And when we say, "Become a donor," we aren't asking for charity. It's an opportunity for reparations—a chance to recognize the historical inequities faced by Black communities and to be an active participant in restoring balance. The financial backing we receive goes beyond funding—it's a symbol of acknowledgment, responsibility, and commitment to equity. The stories in our video may be a testament to struggles, but with the collective effort of our community, they can also be a prologue to a brighter, more inclusive future.

Tamice Namae Speaks
Tamice Namae Speaks
Tamice Spencer-Helms